Need help? email us at

Need help? email us at

Need help? email us at

After more than a decade as a broker in the highly specialized field of options and futures, and upon retiring from the brokerage world, I have decided to construct “The Options Academy” website in its present format. is a portal for free education and free information about trading futures options and about trading in general.

“The Options Academy” is free in the monetary sense of the word (everything on the site is offered with absolutely no charge), free of any and all attachments (we never ask for your private information and you need not register in order to use this site), and free of any professional bias or relationship (we do not get paid by, and are not related in any shape or form, nor do we embrace or recommend any brokerage firm, trading system, or trading platform).

I created “The Options Academy” in order to provide quality education for traders who want to trade options on their own or simply gain some true understanding about what on earth is it that their broker is doing in their account.

So whether you like buying options or selling them, trading online or with a broker, we hope you will find our website both useful and enjoyable.

Good luck and good trading!

Trading futures and options can carry substantial risk of loss.

Past performance does not necessarily guaranty future results.

Trade with risk capital only.

There is substantial risk of loss in trading options and futures. Past performance does not guaranty future results. Trade with risk capital only.

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